Kayaking & Pack rafts

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Explore the Colorado River and surrounding lakes in our sit-upon double kayak or our pack rafts, perfect for the adventurous person who is looking for new excitement.

Break-up the monotony of flatwater or challenge the rapids in the Star Outlaw Legend I, a super stable, user-friendly inflatable kayak. The Star Legend I Inflatable Kayak is designed for a great experience on the river. The extra kick, oversized tubes, and wide beam combine to give even the most experienced paddler confidence in whitewater, and is great for beginners to learn on.

Star Outlaw Legend I
Star Outlaw Legend II

The Star Legend II Tandem Inflatable Kayak adds room for a second paddler to the unmatched whitewater stability of the Legend I. You'll ride in comfort with a self-bailing high-pressure drop-stitch floor and inflatable backrest, while the 39" (99cm) width, extra rocker and high-floating oversized tubes give every paddler confidence in the rapids.

The Kokopelli Recon is not your traditional packraft. Engineered from the toughest and most bomber material, the Recon is perfect for road-to-river whitewater and after-work laps. The Recon is self-bailing and weighs in at 18 lb (8.2 kg) and is constructed of the toughest packraft material ever. The Recon is built for class IV whitewater performance.

Recon Whitewater Packraft

2023 Rates

Rates are per day.

Item First Day 2nd-4th days 5th-10th days 11+ days
Star Outlaw Legend I $49.00 $39.50 $32.00 $26.00
Star Outlaw Legend II $72.00 $58.00 $32.00 $26.00
Kokopelli Recon White Water Packraft $49.00 $39.50 $32.00 $26.00


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