Backpacking & Hiking

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I Don’t Care How Long It Takes,
I’m Going Somewhere Beautiful

Moab being in the high desert gets a wide range of scenery and weather. From dry desert to wetlands to the Manti - LaSal National Forest, we have gear to conquer it all. We have all the supplies needed to accomplish a safe and successful backpacking trip.

The best gear for your trip.

Whether you are an experienced backpacker or just looking for a new adventure, Moab Watersports and Gear Rentals has all the equipment you need.  All ouf our gear is light weight and easy to pack. Our packs can fit nearly every size of person, so matter whether you are tall or small, we have the right pack for you. 

We know what you need.

The biggest blockade between most people and a backpacking trip isn’t the physical exertion, the time off, or a fear of bears and cougars: it’s the cost and difficulty of obtaining the necessary gear. If you don’t already own a backpack, tent, sleeping bag, etc, purchasing all of that isn’t just expensive, it can also be colossally overwhelming.  


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